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Viespy is a free game online.

Find collections of 10 items and take photo’s of them with either a digital camera or with a smartphone. Use the iPhone app or the Android app to upload your pictures to the Viespy website and compete against your friends.

You can make up your own ‘missions’ for your friends to find. Run treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, I Spy games, fun games, only limited by your imagination. Viespy works really well for days out, nature trails, school trips, scouts, guides, cubs, and brownies, as well as the museums, public monuments, country houses, parks, towns and cities.

Viespy the free online I Spy game - free game online

Play Viespy today

Viespy is a great game for tourists, national trust buildings, in fact any location with lots to look at and explore.

It’s free to sign up and play Viespy, so sign up and play here

I Spy Photo Treasure Hunts are great fun whoever you are, and are becoming popular amongst everyone from stag do’s and hen parties, through kids, school events all the way to team building activities.

To play Viespy, the free game online, all you have to do is to sign up to play.

Once you are signed up, the first thing to do is to to set up a a ‘Spyring’. A spyring is a collection of friends.

Then, you can create a mission consisting of 10 items, and add that mission to your spyring.

Once you have a mission in your spyring, you just need to invite your friends to play against you.

You can set a time for your mission to begin and end if you want to run a timed treasure hunt against your friends.

Once you have uploaded your pictures you will see your scores on the website.

Find out more about Viespy the free game online here – VIESPY

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