Solar Lighting Tips

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Solar Lighting Tips

Recent advances in solar lighting technology have lead to improved lighting quality while reducing purchase costs.

Solar lighting is much cheaper to install compared with traditional mains lighting. Without the necessity for a mains supply to your lighting, you have much more flexibility.

In the past few years solar technology has advanced quickly.

Light levels have been improved through the use of LED bulbs, whilst they also effectively reduce power consumption requirements. To perform efficiently, solar light used to need hours of direct sunlight. Recent solar technology harvest energy much more efficiently. This technology is anticipated to continue to develop at a rapid pace.

high quality 400 LED coloured Solar Lighting

There are many model types of solar lighting on sale. Lanterns for wall mounting. Post mounted and hanging lanterns. Fairy lights in many different designs and colours. Lighting for wooden decking which is recessed into the deck timber. Spot lights for security applications with PIR sensors. Solar lights either contain an integrated solar panel or have a remote wired solar panel. Different applications will suit the two different designs as each has its own pros and cons.

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By design, integrated solar lights have smaller panels, meaning that they will usually need more hours of sunlight to work effectively. Starlighting rgbw led strip offer another alternative.

Solar lighting with external panels will usually charge faster and be more reliable because the panels are larger and can be placed in the best location to harvest energy. For the best performance replace the factory fitted rechargeable batteries that come with your lights with a high quality replacement. Factory batteries are chosen for their cost, not their performance over time, so they are worth replacing.

Getting the Best from your Solar Powered Lights

It is important to position your solar lights correctly. The more daylight hours of direct sunlight your lights can receive, the better they will work. Direct sunlight will charge your lights fastest, shady conditions will extend the charging time needed.

Even though solar lights are designed to work in normal UK weather, things such as the shade of a tree will reduce performance. During the next few years, as renewable energy becomes more and more important, we can expect solar energy recovery and storage to further improve lighting performance. Solar lighting sales are growing year on year.

Solar energy is free energy and not only reduces energy bills, but is less harmful for the planet and its finite resources.

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