Heavy Plant & Construction

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Heavy Plant & Construction

Construction has changed in the past quarter century, with an expanded range of heavy plant available to meet the needs of modern construction, saving time, money and providing health and safety solutions through safer working practices….

Building sites used to be comprised of a few backhoe loaders, a dumper truck and maybe a crane for larger building sites, or taller projects.

Heavy plant has moved on, providing more specialised equipment for a variety of tasks. Backhoe loaders are still the mainstay of many construction sites, providing a range of functions with a large front loader or forklift prongs, as well as a long reach flexible bucket arm at the rear for digging etc.

In addition, skid steer loaders are becoming increasingly common, used for earth moving, cleaning and land preparation tasks as well as maintaining access for other plant.

A large range of mini, midi and larger excavators enable access to almost any construction site, even in areas where space and access is limited. Mini excavators can be crane lifted if required into areas unreachable by larger plant, saving time and money for builders.

Heavy plant with specialised capabilities is far more common, either for hire or outright purchase, including extreme high reach excavators, ideal for many demolition roles as well as dredging duties for lakes and rivers.

While for many, the first plant on the shopping list will be a backhoe loader, increasingly, waste handlers, grading machines from Komptech, dozers and wheeled as well as tracked machinery are making it onto the list of requirements.

When combined with the miriad of equipment attachments on offer make these machines very flexible as working tools for the construction industry.

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