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How to Increase Blog Traffic

If you have a blog, then the time will come when you lose patience with waiting for people to find it and you’ll want to get a bit more proactive, increase blog traffic and drive some quality traffic to your blog content.

There are many free and paid traffic methods, which all have different characteristics.

Some will only work as long as you continue to pay for them, or continue to carry out certain tasks in order to facilitate the traffic flow.

What you should be looking at is longer lasting traffic streams that will provide a return for you without the need for too much effort on your part.

The best long term strategy for quality traffic is to position your website in front of search engine traffic.

To increase blog traffic, there are a few things you need to do;

  • Find Keywords with traffic using Google Keyword Tool
  • Write a post for each phrase you find
  • Optimize each post using SEO by Yoast
  • Link to each post by Guest Blogging on other sites

Your rankings will improve for each post until you reach the front page and start to receive decent volumes of traffic. With a little maintenance your blog posts will stay high up in search giving you long term traffic streams from which you can make money.

Guide to Increase Blog Traffic

Find out exactly how you should carry out each part of this process for best results….. download the ultimate blogging guide totally free

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