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Home Decorating Secrets

For most of us, re-decorating a room at home involves a trip to buy some paint and a quick hunt for a half decent paintbrush and roller.

Re-painting the walls of a room should therefore be a quick and easy process, because after all, the walls will end up looking the same colour regardless of whether you do it yourself or pay a professional to paint it for you.

Paint is paint, a brush is a brush, so why is there such a difference in the finish you end up with compared to the finish obtained by professional decorators? What are their decorating secrets?


The first significant difference between amateurs and professional decorators is the amount of preparation that is done. A professional tradesman will spend 70 – 80% of their time preparing the walls, woodwork etc prior to applying paint.

The initial preparation that you do will determine the quality of the finished room. Walls need to be sanded, filled, cleaned and prepared, as does all the woodwork.

The quality of this preparation will govern how good your finished room looks. It is often said that the first few days a decorator is at work it looks like they aren’t doing anything.

We expect to see walls changing colour because that is our end goal, but this time is important and is one of the main decorating secrets of professional tradesmen.

If you take the time to properly prepare the surfaces that you are going to paint then you will end up with a vastly superior finish.

Professional cleaning services also make the difference to the final result you end up with. Use London Commercial Cleaning Company Flex Cleaning for great results.

“Preparation is the only way to achieve a superior grade finish. You can use the best paints available, but if you are not applying them to well prepped walls and woodwork, the job will never look good.”

“The more time and effort you spend preparing the surfaces, the longer your redecoration will last & the more stunning it will look.”

domestic window decorating secrets

Decorating Equipment

In addition to taking the time to prep your surfaces, the other decorating secret that separates the amateurs from professionals is the quality of materials used.

Cheap paint will give you cheap results, and often means that you will need to apply two or more coats, whereas high quality paints from manufacturers such as Dulux, Farrow & Ball and Fired Earth give a superior finish which will last longer, give your property more protection and look so much better.

The quality of the brushes and rollers that you use is also important. Many cheaper brushes will leave hairs behind, affecting your finish. A quality brush will give you the high quality finish you are looking for.

The combination of meticulous preparation and quality materials is the major difference between a professional finish and a do it yourself finish.

One major diffence to a finished room is the quality of “cutting in”…… or paining the edges well to you or me!

The first thing that draws the eye when you walk into a room is the edging finish. If your edges aren’t painted cleanly it will affect the look of the whole room.

This is another area that requires time and effort as it will ultimately make or break your room finish.

Decorating Secrets Summary

1. Take the time to prepare all the surfaces you will be painting.

2. Use quality paints and materials to get the best finish.

3. Focus on all the edges and borders as these will determine the quality of your finished room.

Other Additions To Enhance Your Home

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